My book

I’m the co-author of Deliver! A Concise Guide to Helping the Woman You Love Through Labor, a book aimed at birth-partners and written with childbirth educator and doula Julie Dubrouillet.

It’s available in paperbackKindle, and iPad formats.

Deliver! is designed to be a quick read that can help birth partners make a positive impact on their loved one’s labor. It’s primarily written with men in mind, as they make up the vast majority of partners at birth.

We know that most moms-to-be would like their partners to accompany them as they experience labor and birth. But it’s also true that those partners often don’t know how best to help and have a hard time finding resources developed specifically for them.

Most of the birthing resources available for men tend to either be dauntingly long-winded or offputtingly ‘jokey,’ or both. So Julie and I wanted to create a straight-forward, informational guide that men are likely to want to read.

Of course, wives and sisters can make wonderful birth partners, as can girlfriends (and guy friends) and even moms and grandmoms. We think there’s a great deal in Deliver! that they will find valuable, too.

You can find out more about Deliver! and other birthing resources at our website:



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