About me

I’m a writer living in Palo Alto, California. I write for magazines, newspapers, websites and corporate clients. My subjects are technology, culture, parenting and travel.

I’m also the co-author of a book on labor support for birth-partners. You can read more about it by clicking the ‘My book‘ tab above.

To see examples of my writing, check out:

  • A rumination on the quality of architecture in Silicon Valley.
  • A history of Stanford’s famed research nursery school.
  • The story of a failed attempt to find the world’s tallest tree.
  • A paean to the virtues of Scooby Doo!

I file occasional technology analysis pieces for the London Evening Standard.  Here’s an example.

I post ephemeral and often hyper-local musings and photographs over at ValleyDad. You might enjoy:

  • A look at Palo Alto’s sorry history of public art.
  • Some ideas for spicing up the local restaurant scene.
  • Pictures from the Valley and my garden.
  • An examination of the dearth of good mensware options in the Valley.

You can also follow my erratic contributions to Twitter.

Until it folded last year, I was a token Dad blogger over at the trail-blazing Silicon Valley Moms’ Blog, where I was known, appropriately, as Simon. If you live in the Bay Area, you may have heard me editorialize on KQED radio.

By training I’m a television producer. I’ve also worked as a professional name-generator, theatrical stage hand and commissioned playwright.

If you want to contact me, try simonfirth at yahoo.com.