Mark Zuckerberg profiled

I just profiled Mr. Zuckerberg, my College Terrace neighbor, for the London Evening Standard.  It seemed to me that until very recently Zuckerberg had not been taken very seriously by the media.  He may yet fail to make something of Facebook, but he’s done enough now to be treated with respect


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2 responses to “Mark Zuckerberg profiled

  1. I absolutely agree… I thought I was smart when in college because I knew the kind of work i wanted to do (continue being a reporter) yet i was not where near as big picture as he was and is….. forging a path on his own…not easy being in the public eye… am a BIG fan of your blog Simon… trust you find an affectionate name for the wife/spouse

  2. Thanks, Kare! I’m still looking for ideas for a widely-adoptable, affectionate generic word for ‘wife.’ I have my own specific ones for my beloved, of course, but I’m not sharing (!) Cheers.

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